Networking is a skill that everyone should develop, yet some people seem more naturally inclined to it than others. When we teach our team members how to build their professional networks, we consider that less outgoing personalities might need to use different strategies to be as well-connected as their more gregarious counterparts. These are just a few helpful Stone Hill Management tips that are designed with the introvert in mind:

” Pick Appropriate Situations: The best networking events are the ones at which we feel comfortable and relaxed. This is when we’re likeliest to make genuine connections. Feeling overwhelmed by a large crowd or trying to strike up a conversation before we’re truly engaged is not going to provide the best results.

” Never Swim Alone: There’s no rule that we’re aware of stating that networking is an individual sport, and teamwork is a Stone Hill Management mainstay. Having a friend or trusted colleague come with us gives us a boost of confidence. Also, conversations can be easier to maintain with a little help.

” Show Up Early: Getting anywhere ahead of time gives us a chance to relax into a space and feel a sense of ownership over it. This is especially true for networking events, because when we are early we have a chance to scope out the areas in which we’ll feel most comfortable. For instance, we might not want to stand under a vent, or too near a sound system.

Our introverted colleagues are just as good at networking (if not better) than everyone else on our team – they just need to do things their own way. Check out our Stone Hill Management Newswire feed for more contacting tips.

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