Philanthropy is a foundational Stone Hill Management principle, and we often engage with local charities and fundraisers to support those in our community who need a helping hand. We believe in the power that private companies have to be forces for good, and we’re encouraged by stories of other professionals who see social awareness as a personal responsibility, just like we do.

There are several benefits that we receive both on an individual and organizational level for being charitable, but that’s not why we do it. We give because it’s the right thing to do, because there are needs to be met and we’re able to meet them. However, in our Stone Hill Management quest to do what’s right, we remind ourselves to focus on what’s important as well.

For example, we consider what’s at the heart of many social issues facing those in need. Often, it appears lack of self-worth is one of the primary obstacles being faced. When people imagine (or are taught to believe) they have no value, they have a hard time treating themselves with respect (or demanding the respect they deserve from others).

So when we look for a cause or foundation to support, we want to know more than just what they do. We also want to know how they do it. Philanthropy needs to be about more than giving someone money; it also has to treat the people being helped with dignity, and start them onto a path where they’ll learn self-respect.

As you can see, we take our giveback efforts seriously. To see what causes we’ll be supporting this year, follow Stone Hill Management on Twitter.

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