Stone Hill Management interviews are chances to meet new and interesting people, which is always exciting to us – not to mention we might end up talking to our next superstar brand ambassador.

We understand that not all interviewees share our enthusiasm for the process though, and we’re here to help. According to Glassdoor, there is one trait above all others that hiring managers look for in a candidate, and knowing what this is should help a potential team member feel more confident about their upcoming meeting. The magic formula? Interviewers want to speak with applicants who are informed.

Glassdoor indicates that informed candidates, “…know more and self-select for the positions that are right for them,” but we can clarify the picture a bit further. In our Stone Hill Management experience, informed applicants are:

• Knowledgeable about the position, along with a company’s culture and values
• Prepared to ask intelligent questions
• Understanding of how their experiences qualify them for the position
• Active participants in the interviews
• Able to present themselves as the solutions to a relevant issue
• Considerate of their current roles, and how they fit into that organization’s structure

The best (and perhaps only) way to achieve informed applicant status is through research; before heading to an interview with us or anyone else, spend some time finding out as much as you can about that organization – and maybe freshen up your knowledge about your current gig as well. To learn more interview tips, we suggest checking out our Stone Hill Management Newswire feed.

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“I have developed myself in such a short amount of time. My professional skill set has only gone up.”

— Renee

“Utilize the mentorship available! I have never before had an environment with so much focus on development.”

— Jacob

“The energy from this team is incredible!”

— Justine