We appreciate the talented people who are building their Stone Hill Management careers, and we look for ways to recognize their efforts as often as possible. For example, on a monthly basis, we like to highlight one of our rising stars here on our blog and share what they’re doing that sets them apart from the crowd.

This month, Justin has earned his way into the spotlight. “Justin has made significant impact during his time here with us,” stated James, President of Stone Hill Management. “He has had the chance to network with the people in several other offices, and has really been stepping up his work. He continuously goes the extra mile while maintaining focus on sharpening his skill set. He has an incredible student mentality and always looks for his next piece of knowledge.”

We count ourselves lucky to have sharp individuals like Justin building their futures here, and we consider it our responsibility to make sure we are giving them as much as they give us. We provide a number of development opportunities to ensure that hard workers like Justin get the most from their efforts. He’s already taking advantage of the networking opportunities we offer. Along with that, we provide one-to-one coaching and the chance to learn from our industry’s top minds at weekend conferences.

We want to congratulate Justin for making the most of his career journey with us. To find out more about our team and their progress, follow Stone Hill Management on Facebook.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“I have developed myself in such a short amount of time. My professional skill set has only gone up.”

— Renee

“Utilize the mentorship available! I have never before had an environment with so much focus on development.”

— Jacob

“The energy from this team is incredible!”

— Justine