Courage is a characteristic that many individuals must build and maintain, and that includes everyone on Team Stone Hill Management. The good news is this that courage is similar to a muscle, in that the more often we exercise it, the stronger it becomes. These are several of our effective courage-building workouts:

• Set Audacious Objectives: One of the great ironies of life is that we’re often more disappointed by the fact that we didn’t try more than we are by trying and failing. To avoid this situation, it’s a Stone Hill Management practice to set an intimidating goal – then go back and make it even bigger.

• Focus on the Great: Sounds easy, but to free up our schedules and maintain focus on achievements that personally resonate with us, we sometimes have to turn down offers that don’t quite measure up. This may mean working late instead of going out with friends, studying on the weekends, or waiting until those new shoes are on sale, but better to say, “No,” now than to feel dissatisfied later.

• Ask for It: If there’s something you’ve wanted, but you’re anxious at the idea of being turned down, now’s the time to just come right out and ask. No one can read minds, and believing that they can will just lead to frustration and resentment. Often, your imagination is the only thing standing between you and your vision of the future.

Building courage takes time, but it’s possible. Visit our Stone Hill Management Facebook page for more of our insights on how to achieve success.

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